Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What really happened in New Orleans?

by VoLtim@/nakedwisdom.blogspot

I am a Louisiana native; I live in Louisiana and I love my state. We are an extremely diverse and proud state, more so than others. We have different accents and cultures in the North and South, but we're all one.

What you, the outsider has been seeing on CNN is but one view. You are seeing a huge majority of African Americans stranded in the city. There is a reason for this and I'd like you to understand why.

Over 30% of the city of New Orleans lives in abject poverty. I'm so sick and tired of hearing the media ask why these people never left. They couldn't.----> Look at all the people at the Superdome in wheelchair's. Their families stuck it out with them. Also, you need to understand, these people have weathered so many storms, that for many, this was just another storm and they were going to weather it out,also.

The accusations that all of the people left in the city are looters and thieves is an outright lie. If I were stuck there (and I visit a lot on business), I would also be looting the grocery store. I would do whatever I had to do to survive.

If my memory serves me correctly, we dropped food and water on Indonesia in a matter of two days but couldn't get a goddamned drop of water into New Orleans for 5 days. We left the citizens of the city to die. Plain and simple. I see trucks driving down Canal Street (which is a few blocks from Charity Hospital) and NO ONE could get diesel to Charity Hospital! The dead are lying on the stairs because the morgue is flooded.

We reacted quicker to the World Trade Center, and this may well turn out to be a larger disaster, as far as the death toll goes in the end.

So for those of you that have the attitude that the residents of New Orleans had it coming because they stayed, let me tell you this...You're not walking in their shoes. Don't dare sit in judgment. We have a state full of refugees wondering from place to place. They have no homes anymore and they have no jobs. My office is out of New Orleans. We still have two missing employees that stayed through the storm. The remainder are attempting to find refuge in different cities. The entire state is flipped upside down.

Refugees come into North Louisiana for refuge and the banks here won't even cash their checks. They have nothing but their lives. They've lost everything.

I would like everyone reading this to do your own homework concerning the article I have included below: New Orleans had gotten the funding to shore up the levees, but the money was pulled by the Bush Administration. 71 million to be exact.


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