Thursday, August 04, 2005

CAFTA Passes: Dirty Tricks and Devastating Consequences

Scott Ritsema/Prison Planet

Comment: CAFTA and NAFTA are not simply about economics, if the people on the street are against it, but the politicians pass this the will of the people?

This past week, CAFTA passed the House of Representatives by a 217-215 vote. This vote, especially on the Republican side of the isle, does not reflect the views of the American people or the U.S. Constitution. Even many Rush Limbaugh listeners have called in to voice their strong opposition to this so-called “free trade agreement.” In fact, one poll suggests that half of the country’s Republican voters opposed CAFTA! Why, then, did roughly 80% of Congressional Republicans favor it? But we all know that the Washington insiders are completely out of touch with the American people and the Constitution. So, let’s turn our attention to so-called “free trade agreements” and what they are all about, as well as how CAFTA was actually passed.

CAFTA and NAFTA are not simply agreements; rather, they set up authorities that trump federal, state, and local laws and constitutions. When our elected officials signed CAFTA into law, they signed over a piece of our sovereignty. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress and only Congress the power to regulate trade. NAFTA, on the other hand, sets up a tribunal to rule on all maters of trade. For example, one dispute between the state of Massachusetts and a Canadian real estate company was decided in the Massachusetts Supreme Court. The NAFTA tribunal, however, had different things in mind, and overruled the previous court decision. So, these are unconstitutional decision-making, power-wielding bodies that have no business in American affairs.

CAFTA and NAFTA will not/have not improved economic conditions in America; rather, they have (coupled with intrusive government) decimated the manufacturing base of many communities. Ask any American who lives in a community that has lost manufacturing jobs to Mexico, and you will likely get the same strong condemnation of NAFTA. NAFTA has clearly hurt the American economy. Our trade deficit is growing and our manufacturing base is disappearing. Not to mention the often-neglected fact that having foreign nations manufacturing all our goods is a national security risk. CAFTA will do the very same things to our economy that NAFTA has done.

CAFTA and NAFTA are not simply about economics; rather, they are about open borders and political union as part of the New World Order. As has been hidden in plain sight by the CFR, the economic union is only a stepping stone to the long-dreamed of political union. The stones are as follows: NAFTA then CAFTA then the FTAA then the Pan-American Union (and a regionalized world) then the UN or the New World Order (world government). The massive amounts of evidence supporting this assertion needs its own article. Suffice it to say that the CFR globalists have been open about their plans as well as their strategies, seeking to make an “end-run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece” (Richard Gardner, CFR; in his piece “The Hard Road to World Order” in a 1974 issue of Foreign Affairs, the CFR’s publication).

Finally, CAFTA was not passed fairly by the House; rather, immoral scheming got the CAFTA vote through. The Republicans, who are supposedly the “moral values” party, ought to be ashamed of themselves. The CAFTA vote was stolen, and is a total sham. As Kent Snyder of the Liberty Committee noted, CAFTA was defeated after its allotted 15-minute vote window. Unhappy with the results, the House broke the rules by keeping the vote alive for another hour. At the end of that vote, CAFTA had passed. Or did it? One of the two Congressmen who supposedly abstained from voting, North Carolina Republican, Charles Taylor, did vote “no” on CAFTA, but for some reason his vote didn’t show up on the register.

In sum, CAFTA and NAFTA are surrounded by lies, misunderstandings, and misinformation on all sides. The average American, though, senses the danger in these phony free trade agreements. And, the Constitution prohibits them. It’s time for a wake up call in Congress.


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