Thursday, July 14, 2005

Leaked No 10 dossier......1-800-4Patsie?

Recently the identity and description of the 4th alledged bomber was named.

From the BBC....
"The identity of the fourth bomber involved in the London attacks has been indicated by police sources.

He is said to be Germaine Lindsey, a Jamaican-born man who is understood to have lived in a house in Aylesbury currently being searched by police."
Four days ago I had my own suspicions simply because of the recently Leaked No 10 dossier reveals Al-Qaeda'’s British recruits.

Straightaway when I read the article and leaked dossier, I found it strange how a paper from 06 April 2004 was conveniently released by the times a few days after the bombings.

The thing that was strange was it specifically highlighted the ethinicity of the Al-Qaeda or Al-CIAda’s British recruits:
"“They range from foreign nationals now naturalised and resident in the UK, arriving mainly from north Africa and the Middle East, to second and third generation British citizens whose forebears mainly originate from Pakistan or Kashmir.

“In addition . . . a significant number come from liberal, non-religious Muslim backgrounds or (are) only converted to Islam in adulthood. These converts include white British nationals and those of West Indian extraction."”
Today we have learned that one of the alledged bombers fits the above description from a conveniently leaked dossier.

Question: Am I jumping to conclusions or is it just another coincidence?

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