Saturday, June 11, 2005

US won't insist on biometric passports


AS REPORTED by Wendy M. Grossman in her net.wars column some weeks back, the USA is not insisting that the whole world+dog goes biometric, despite what the peddlers of the stuff say.

The Financial Times reported yesterday that the US demand for biometric passports will be dumped because travellers may cancel tourist trips to the States. The deadline for the biometric passports was supposed to be October, but a large number of EU countries simply cannot meet such a deadline.

But this also throws doubt on the plans by the UK government to make us all carry expensive biometric ID cards. A plank of the Labour Party government plan is that the USA insists on such biometric information, but a compulsory obligation to be a card carrying subject of HM the Queen isn't likely until 2010 anyroad.

The ID scheme in the UK faces considerable opposition from a number of Labour Party members of parliament, as well as from opposition parties. Common sense also tells us that with the lamentable record the UK civil service has of implementing IT in every sphere it attempts, it would all get screwed up anyway


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