Saturday, June 11, 2005

"one third of terrorist suspects use false ( UK ?) identities" propaganda


Tony McNulty brainwashed to repeat the "one third of terrorist suspects use false ( UK ?) identities" propaganda

Tony McNulty has now joined the list of NuLabour Home Office Ministers who have been brainwashed not to think and not to ask common sense questions about the Parliamentary Answers that they put their names to.

Here is yet another example of a failure to ask even an obvious and basic question like "Where is the evidence that at least one-third of terrorist suspects make use of false United Kingdom identities ?"

Identity Cards
Mr. Jim Cunningham: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what assessment he has made of the contribution identity cards may make to the prevention of terrorist attacks on the UK. [1269]

Mr. McNulty: Dialogue has been ongoing with the security services in relation to the effectiveness of the proposed identity card. The security services have said that an ID card will help in tackling terrorism. The Security Service have stated that a card scheme would disrupt the use of false identities by terrorist organisations, for example in money laundering and organised crime. We know that at least one-third of terrorist suspects make use of false identities. An ID card will reduce the opportunity for those facilitating terrorist and organised criminals to operate using multiple identities. The scheme would also be a useful tool in helping to monitor and disrupt the support activities of terrorist networks.

Even a perfect UK Identity Card scheme would only have a mininmal effect on terorist suspects (or do the Home Office "figures" also include plain ordinary organised criminals who are not actually terrorists ?), over two thirds of whom happily use their own real identities anyway.

n fact, according to the Metropolitan Police Operation Maxim, it appearrs that over 93% of documets seized from organised human trafficers are falesly obtained or forged foreign documents which will not be affected by any UK ID card / database scheme.

Metropolitan Police Operation Maxim and false foreign Identity Documents

The ill informed public will follow Tony McNulty brainwashed propaganda, simply because he was 'on tv' saying so, the figures dosen't add up, there's no Home Office select commitee appointed yet to scutinise the cost of the entitlement card,'s good! it will not help stop terrorism, wil not stop fraud, will cost you an arm and a leg,'s good!


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