Monday, June 20, 2005

Now happy hour ends with 'martial law'....Charles Clarke is at it again.

Telegragh 19/06/2005.

Ministers have ordered the Army on to the streets to join an all-out summer campaign against anti-social drunken and violent behaviour by yobs.

Military police and ordinary uniformed soldiers will help keep youths under control in up to 20 towns and cities near military barracks.

The strategy comes as police forces in more than 230 towns and cities begin a clampdown on disorderly behaviour by alcohol-fuelled youngsters, in response to a Home Office survey showing a disturbing rise in youth crime.

Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, has asked the Ministry of Defence to support police forces around the country after an experiment in Royston, Hertfordshire, where uniformed Redcaps - military police - were deployed to crack down on late-night violence by drunken yobs. As well as dealing with off-duty soldiers from a nearby base, they targeted civilians in the non-garrison town.

Their patrols were judged a success and the Redcaps are now seen regularly on the streets, alongside Hertfordshire beat police, in the small market town, where local officers have welcomed them. One officer said that although the military police are armed only with a baton similar to that used by ordinary police, their uniforms and military training deter antics from getting out of hand.

Until this experiment, military police, who have the same powers of arrest as ordinary police officers, have patrolled only in major military centres such as Aldershot, Colchester and Catterick. Now regular patrols will begin in towns and cities near military bases.

A spokesman for Liberty, the civil rights organisation, expressed concern. She said: "Until now the Armed Forces have only been used on the streets of Northern Ireland in recent years and we need to be very careful about using them on the mainland in peacetime."

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Charles Clarke has done it again, trying his hardest to compromise civil liberties. The military will be slowly intergrated into the domestic arena, it has been doing so for years getting you used to it. It's incremental, noticed it yet?

After time it will be like normal walking side by side with the army.......isn't the army to protect against foreign enemies? but they're being used domestically!

Is the police becoming more militarised? of course it is.....for who?

A police state like in Northern Ireland and Isreal is the model, sending us back to the good old days of control.


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