Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ministers to scrap juries - the beginning of the end.

Recently reported by the BBC was an article entitled Ministers to scrap fraud juries , I can't emphasize enough what 'the model' will be eventually for the average person.

All Trials Without A Jury... simple!

The average person doesn't realize that this is being crept in incrementally, it always has been. The usual excuse is to only use the law on high level 'white collar' fraud cases which are too complex and a burden on us mere mortals....you will except this!

It's similar to Using RFID's to Track the Homeless or even a fine for dropping a cigarette butt because you was caught on CCTV, it uses a group of people outside the 'norm' to demonize in order to get a policy moving, they can eventually do what they want.

In 2003 The Criminal Justice Act was passed, part 7 of the document is headed TRIALS ON INDICTMENT WITHOUT A JURY. The law is already passed and government is just extending it

No juries are already in the European courts, how about The European Court of Human Rights? that's correct I placed a question mark after it. This is the highrest place people can go to override civil infingements... AND IT HAS NO JURIES.

This will be slowly let in via the backdoor nationally, is this a good thing? I think not!
"No-one should be under any illusion that this policy will stay restricted to serious fraud cases " Liberty


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