Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Military draft back on US agenda

From Prisonplanet.com

THE United States would "have to face" a painful dilemma on restoring the military draft as rising casualties saw the number of volunteers dry up, a senator warned today.

Joseph Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made the prediction after new data released by the Pentagon showed the US Army failing to meet its recruitment targets for four straight months.

"We're going to have to face that question," he said on NBC's Meet the Press TV show when asked if it was realistic to expect restoration of the draft.

"The truth of the matter is, it is going to become a subject, if, in fact, there's a 40 per cent shortfall in recruitment. It's just a reality," he said.

The comment came after the Department of Defence announced the army had missed its recruiting goal for May by 1661 recruits, or 25 per cent. Similar losses have been reported by army officials every month since February.

Experts said the latest figure was misleading because the army had quietly lowered its May recruitment target from 8050 to 6700 people. It has been suggested the real shortfall is closer to 40 per cent.

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A comment was posted stating "You're only interested in anti-America, anti-Bush stuff..."

Let me make myself clear, I am not anti-American........but seriously the Taleban 'offered Bin Laden to Saudis' prior to 9/11 to hand over to the US, US embassy's were bombed and blamed on Bin Laden, cruise missiles were fired at Afghanistan and Sudan halting talks on surrendering Bin Laden........think about.

After 9/11 war broke out in Afghanistan, it could've been avoided.
No WMD stockpiles in Iraq, war could've been avoided.

Now there might be a draft.....for what? future wars that could be avoided?


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