Sunday, June 12, 2005

Debate only just beginning?


As reported in The Scotsman, Tony Blair admitted during Prime Minister’s questions yesterday that:
This is a debate which is just beginning. I hope there is a full debate where people can understand that as a result of the changes in biometric technology, and in particular as a result of the fact that we are going to have to change passports for everybody in this country, then it is a very sensible next step to make sure we can have proper protection against fraud and abuse.”

Hang on a minute. You attempt to steamroller through a piece of highly controversial legislation in the final months of the last Parliament, claiming extensive consultation and ‘overwhelming public support’, reintroduce it at the first opportunity (before even forming Select Committees to be able to give the lightly edited new Bill proper scrutiny) and then admit that the debate is only “just beginning”?!

We understand fine thank you, Tony. Biometric technology has not ‘changed’, you’ve just discovered it for the first time.

There is nothing ’sensible’ about the ID cards Bill - it’s not even named correctly.
It is your government that has made fraudulent claims and that wants to abuse our civil liberties.

There has been no proper debate.


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