Monday, June 20, 2005

Classic Bait And Switch Enacted As Downing Street Memos Called Possible Hoax


Article: Are Downing Street memos authentic or elaborate hoax?
Blogs question credibility of reporter who typed copies, destroyed originals

This has all the hallmarks of a classic sting operation.

The Murdoch papers release the Downing Street Memo story worldwide. Despite the fact that the British government have already admitted that the information in the documents is true (and many more which essentially say the same thing were later released), this one document was photocopied, allowing the mainstream to raise questions about its authenticity and kill the story.

Forget the fact that Bush told his own biographer that he wanted to invade Iraq and be a war president back in 1999, forget the 1998 and 2000 PNAC documents which called for removing Hussein as a means of getting a foothold in the Middle East, this one memo was a photocopy! That means Bush never planned to invade Iraq all along and never lied about WMD to justify it! He was just an unfortunate victim of 'misguided' intelligence.

Now the intense activist pressure to get the mainstream media to cover the Downing Street Memos is thrown back in their face and alternative research is discredited while the establishment gets another pat on the back.

It's amazing how they keep employing the same tactic and people keep falling for it.

The Pentagon admits multiple cases of abusing the Koran but in this one instance Newsweek's source may have been wrong when he said they flushed it down the toilet, when they only threw it in the toilet and urinated on it. This means that any allegations of Koran abuse are null and void. This means that Guantanamo Bay really is a nice place to stay! A holiday home according to Rush Limbaugh.

The Bush AWOL story was known and admitted for years but these CBS documents relating to one specific time period of Bush's military service may be forgeries, that means the whole story collapses and Bush never went AWOL!

What's next? An investigation by the History Channel concludes that one of thousands of pieces of evidence Galileo used to prove the world was round is slightly inaccurate. THEREFORE ANY FURTHER CLAIMS AS TO THE WORLD BEING ROUND ARE PURE CONSPIRACY THEORY!


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