Sunday, May 15, 2005

Frontline police 'want stun guns'

Eight out of 10 police think all officers on frontline duties should be issued with stun guns, a poll suggests.

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I found it very interesting that the media were showing stories promoting tasers at the very same time showing the report about the unlawful killing of Harry Stanley, who was carrying a chair leg in a plastic bag which the two officers thought was a sawn-off shot gun.

So this is how the police eventually carry on as normal, despite approaching someone unaware from behind, that person has to turn around to see whats happening only to take a bullet in the head?

But the real sad fact is after six or seven months the police officers invloved will be back at work and completely exonerated. Example : on 29 October, 2004 it was reported as Unlawful killing police suspended. On 9 November, 2004 London's incoming chief of police said Gun death officers stay suspended. A month later On 10 December, 2004 Gun death officers return to work. And recently on 12 May, 2005 the news is Table leg killing verdict quashed.

Now Harry Stanley's death in my opinion is being used as a 'poster child' for the use of tasers in the UK with the obvious message sent out saying if the police had tasers this wouldn't have happened! So let's have a look at the US and look at what is happening with tasers.

Taser deaths are at over 100 from 2001 - may 2005 but more worryingly is the taser use for not adhearing promptly to the police requests, recently reported was a 8 month pregnant woman tasered for refusing to sign for a speeding ticket whilst sitting IN her car.
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Some comments were strange like:
"Convenient the way you failed to mention that failure to sign a citation is a crime. How about the fact that she knowingly placed her fetus in danger by refusing to step from the vehicle. While a Taser may have been extreme on a pregnant woman, the culpability clearly lies with the woman by her actions. By claiming to have previously received a citation without signing it clearly shows she lacks any credibility and by publishing this story, you have none either."

The 5th admendment states "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury"

My take on this is she didn't commit a crime, she just didn't respond promptly to the police requests..........and then gets tasered? and it's her fault for not listening?

Tasering a 6 yr old, Read full story. It uses reasoning such as:
"Had the child cut his vein and the officer had not tasered the child, somebody would be saying, 'Well, you had the taser. Why didn't you taser the child?"

So is it right to hurt and torture people to save themselves?

I's not right! if you think it is enjoy your police state (your new masters)


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