Monday, May 02, 2005

Did Doctor Who parody 9-11 and the Iran WMD situtaion?

On 16th April the BBC screened an episode of Doctor Who (Aliens in London) which basically was a parody of the farce that was told to everybody abou 9-11 and Iran's WMD.

Basically, there was a spaceship that crashed into Big Ben and fell into the thames, an alien body was recoverd, marshall law was implimented which suspends everybodies rights.

The aliens later made contact then demanded that if they didn't get what they wanted they would destroy the planet, it was said the aliens could attack the earth within 45 seconds unless the earth did a pre-emptive nuclear strike to kill them.
Apparently the aliens had already made it into the upper echelons of government and it was them trying to set off the pre-emptive strike using the homegrown missiles to blow up the planet itself and then sell off the planets resources.

Now to break it down.... the crash into Big Ben was the twin tower situation, the aliens 45 second stike capability was Iraq's so-called ability to attack the UK within 45 minutes.

The aliens made it into the higher government in order to hold the planet at ransom or the global elite attacking Iraq for WMD but there was none, all along it was after oil and a strategic position to launch a stike elsewhere.

The news reporter kept on mentioning 'Brave New World' which was just slightly out of place, check the link it's the online version of the book by Aldous Huxley, about a totalitarion society.

To crown it all off.... the body recovered from the crashed spaceship in the river Thames was a pig in disguise and not an alien, the phrase 'Pigs can fly" came to mind.

And the official story about 9-11 and Iraq was equally stupid.


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Poison Sky is telling people that their cars are creating deadly greenhouse gases and global warming. Planet of the Ood, complete with Indian enabler, is a rant against third world sweat shops. Planet of the Ood also promotes the New Age cosmic conscientousness etc. I liked Doctor Who without the politics. The propaganda is so obvious that it is comical.

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