Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Bilderberg meeting found

The location for this years Bilderberg meeting has been found to be held at Dorint Sofitel Seehotel Ueberfahrt, Germany.

What is Bilderberg?

This is a private gathering of the richest and most influential people across the globe, bankers, politicians, royalty, businessmen etc.

I'm talking about the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, Koffi Annan, CBS and so on, do you get the picture!

Now this is an unofficial meeting by the top people around the world to discuss global politics in private, no media is allowed and nothing is disclosed afterwards and it's about us.

But who do you think picks up their tab to goto these meeting? And what do they discuss?

Leaks from these meetings has given advance warning or notices months in advance of the mainstream news of wars, tax increases and even the downfall of Margaret Thatcher in the past because of her non-EU stance.

For many years they denied it ever existed, you will not see this on the BBC, CNN etc.

Looking forward to update this :)


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