Friday, May 13, 2005

Big Brother wants to see clearly!

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The country's biggest shopping centre has banned youths wearing hooded tops to stop anti-social behaviour!

I just couldn't believe when I saw this on the news, ban the hoodie!.....let Big Brother see you clearly.

The funny thing is pompus idiots will say this is good thing - stop them louts, without relising that they themselves will not eventually be allowed to wear jackets with hoods, coats with hoods, baseball caps , imagine being a person with a serious hairloss condition and being confronted by security or police to remove the headwear!

But religious headress is ok???

Will Bluewater remove ALL items of clothing for sell that covers the head?

More to the point will the problem with anti-social behaviour be cured with this ban? always a fake fix and never a cure.

I also noticed John Prescott was making a comment about banning hooded tops, so my question is who is this man? the UK just had an election and the Deputy Prime Minister wasn't in sight for nearly the whole duration, after a month his major contribution to the nation was to mention hooded tops.

I've made bigger and more effective contributions to my toilet in the past months than this man has done for the UK in one.

Ban the hoodie!... let Big Brother see you clearly.


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