Thursday, May 05, 2005

Alex Jones

TV clip here

Way back in July 2001 Alex Jones warned about the globalist plans to use Bin Laden to attack the twin towers, on his tv show, he gave out whitehouse numbers for people to phone up and tell the president "Don't do it!".

2 months later... the towers came down, despite all the warnings, this is no prediction or miracle, just looking at government documents and the news which shows the government is corrupt and wants total control and fear is the way it is obtained.

WARGAMES on 9/11 Broadband clip here

Was you aware that actual wargames that were the same as the attacks, was happening at the same time as the real ones? Once you understand this you'll know not to trust goverment.

Westminister Council to Use Microphones.

This is good right? putting wireless microphones on trees in the street....for noise pollution! yeah right!

It starts here, you will notice this will be slowly used for other crimes, then it will be useful in the fight against terrorism.
understand how things work!

error Law Misused

A freelance photographer arrested under terrorism laws for taking shots of parliment!

Remember they told you these laws were for the threat against terrorism, notice the definition of terrorism under the act is you and me.

Still want to give up personal liberties?


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